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Tonbridge Giving Day is all about raising funds for our life-changing Foundation Award bursary programme. Each year, for 36 hours, we bring the School community together to take part in a series of fun challenges, whilst giving back to our local community and creating more bursary places for talented boys without means.

For Giving Day 2023, Smythe House will be taking on a new series of challenges in the community, as well as Donor Challenges which you can participate in too!

Community Challenge

Each year, we have honed our construction and landscaping skills at Woodlands Primary School. We created ‘Fairy’ and ‘Jubilee’ gardens and extended the school’s wildlife area. We dug a stream and new flower beds, repurposed water butts and wormeries, built planters and a bug house, installed a mud kitchen and laid new woodchip paths.

This year, we are looking forward to returning once again to build a new reading playhouse for children to escape to for some quiet time, during playtime. The boys will also help create shingle paths and a compost area, as well as running a golfing tri-tournament for the children. Once the reading shed is ready, we will formally open it by holding a reading session for Year 1, and getting some well-deserved rest in the process!


We will also be competing once more, in a ‘spectacular’ House Taskmaster challenge, results of which will be announced tomorrow.

Donor Challenges

But to complete all of our challenges, we will need your help. If enough people tag their Giving Day donations to Smythe House, we'll unlock even more funds! Check the bottom of this page to see each of our donor challenges, and please show your support for Smythe House by making a donation today!

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