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For Giving Day 2022, Welldon House has been taking on a series of new challenges to make a positive impact in the community, whilst unlocking funds towards our life-changing Foundation Award programme. 

On Wednesday 29 June, our boys are returning to Slade Primary School. In true ‘BBC Garden Rescue’ style, they will be building new features in their forest school, including a pond and new compost bins, replacing a fence and improving their allotment area. They will also be working on an outside learning project and running a touch rugby challenge. By completing their challenge, the boys will unlock £1,000 towards our House Giving Day total.

In the lead up to Giving Day, Houses have also been competing in a series of weird and wonderful tasks in a recreation of Channel 4's popular Taskmaster series. Each round, the boys recorded 60 second videos of their attempts. The winners will be revealed tomorrow, unlocking yet more funds towards the House Giving Day totals.

But to complete all of our challenges today, we need your help. If enough people tag their Giving Day donations to our House, we'll unlock:

£2,000 if we reach 10 donors

£2,000 if we reach 25 donors

Please show your support for Welldon House today by making a donation of any size. Every gift counts!

Look out for our email updates and social media posts to see how Welldon House is progressing with our challenges and don’t forget to check our position on the Giving Day leader board!

On behalf of us all, thank you so much.

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